Voice has been around for more than fifty years and is gearing up for the next fifty, but not without first celebrating our history, honoring our heroes and having fun at a virtual blues music event October 8th 2020 6:00 pm.

Learn more about “Sweet Home Uptown” where Voice tenants and supporters, past and present, will come together around the importance of affordable housing, social justice and economic diversity in Uptown.

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Affordable housing residents and Voice alumni can contribute to our congratulatory or historical videos highlighting the work of our distinguished honorees and Voice of the People throughout the years. If interested, e-mail us at

Read more about our Sweet Home Uptown host committee members and sponsors who are supporting this worthy effort and about our Honorees contributions to Uptown.  And, enjoy the blues music that inspires us.

Celebrate Juneteenth!

While many people in the United States celebrate Independence Day on July 4, there is another date that’s viewed as Independence Day. That’s the holiday known as Juneteenth. Almost two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, news arrived in Galveston, Texas that all slaves were to be set free. The official date, June 19, 1865, became known as Freedom/Independence Day and later, Juneteenth. Although Juneteenth is not an official federal holiday, it’s celebrated throughout the country with parades, family reunions, rodeos, picnics and rich African American traditions.  

Virtual Celebrations

  • Juneteenth Virtual Meditation, Friday, June 19, 1:00pm 
  • Juneteenth Virtual Trivia Game Night, Friday, June 19, 5:30pm
  • Juneteenth Official Online Festival, Friday, June 19, 9:00pm

  • Resources for More Information

    …For Kids
    …For Adults

    BLM Movement Resources

    Educational Resources

    Black Lives Matter

    Color of Change

    (campaigns that end practices that unfairly hold Black people back)

    Ways to Help Beyond Social Media

    (by @jezzchung)


    Justice for George Floyd

    Justice for Ahmaud Aubrey

    Justice for Breonna Taylor

    Justice for David McAtee


    George Floyd Memorial Fund

    Al Maa’uun

    (nonprofit with deep roots in North Minneapolis)

    Unicorn Riot

    (decentralized media organization that has been live-streaming uprisings)

    Campaign Zero

    (comprehensive platform of research-based policy solutions to end police brutality in America)

    Minnesota Freedom Fund

    (MN Freedom Fund has received overwhelming support and recommended donating to any of these organizations instead)

    National List (US) of Bail Funds … and other resources

    Compilation of Donation Sites to Fund Racial Justice

    Ways to Support Black-Owned Businesses

    By Sarah Davis from Finimpact

    Family Time

    Staying at home while trying to “flatten the curve” has become the norm for many families. Since schools have moved online, families are now forced to reckon with the fact that they will now go from spending just a few hours of their days with each other to spending every waking moment together. Here are a few tips to help keep the family from going stir-crazy and to add structure back everyone’s lives:

    1. Structure Your Days

    With close quarters and daily routines disrupted, it is important to set up a system where everyone feels like they are the same page. One example would be a time that everyone eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Another example could be scheduling activities throughout the week as a family that breaks up the monotony of staying inside all of the time.

    3. Give Each Other Space

    It can be a harsh transition from 8-9 hours together to being together 24/7. Make sure to give your loved ones enough time on their own and to give them space. If possible create spaces where everyone can congregate (think dining table or the couch) and also create spaces where people can have more independent time (think in their room or a designated corner). If space is limited, set a rotation schedule, so everyone has a chance to have alone time.

    3. Give Yourself a Break

    Everyone is going to deal with the pandemic in their own way. Give yourself patience and grace as you are adjusting to the changes, and give your loved ones the patience they need too. 

    If you are interested in reading more about what you can do to make family time easier, here are a few more links that you can access:

    Mental Health Check

    Managing Stress during COVID-19

    Whether you are an essential worker still being called into your line of duty or if you have been staying at home due to layoffs or work from home orders, COVID-19 has been taking a toll on all of us. During this challenging time, many of us are looking for resources to manage our stress and mental health. Here, we will be sharing a few resources that may be helpful for you during this time.

    Take the situation day by day.

    With everything constantly changing and shifting, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what the future may hold. In this situation, it is best to take each experience at a time and each day at a time. This means to live in the moment and focus on what is right in front of you; what do you need to do this second, this minute, this hour, today?

    Follow healthy daily routines as much as possible.

    When life is swirling around in chaos, it can be difficult to feel in control of your situation. It may be helpful for you to keep a daily schedule to spell out the things you are going to do for the day and when you will do them. Even if you are staying inside for the majority of the day, that does not mean you can put a bit of structure in your day to day life.

    Take time for yourself.

    Managing stress is just as mental as it is physical. Take some time out of your day to spend it with yourself. is providing free resources during COVID-19 has wonderful guided meditations that can help you take some tension off of your shoulders.

    Manage how you consume information.

    Be selective about how you consume the news. Watching too much television and reading too many articles can be stressful. Set limits on how long you consume the news each day and be careful about where you are getting your news from.

    Stay connected with others, virtually!

    This is the perfect time to reach out and connect with those we have not heard from in a while. Reaching out over the phone or via video chat is a great way to get social interaction without having to leave your home.

    Cooking Tips & Tricks

    Cheap and Easy Meals to Make During Quarantine

    With a statewide quarantine entering full effect (and being extended), obtaining groceries and food has become more challenging than it has ever been. Beyond groceries, we are now forced to reckon with the fact we must cook the majority of our meals by ourselves; to help alleviate the dilemma of deciding what to cook and to give everyone budget-friendly meal ideas, we have compiled a list of 5.

    Check the toolkit at the bottom for links to the pages.

    One-Pot Cheesy Taco Pasta

    Total Cook Time: 35 min

    Total Ingredient Count: 8

    One Pan Cheesy Chicken, Broccoli, and Rice

    Total Cook Time: 35 minutes

    Total Ingredient Count: 8

    “Grown-Up” Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

    Total Cook Time: 20 minutes

    Total Ingredient Count: 7

    Buffalo Chicken Thighs with Potatoes

    Total Cook Time: 45 minutes

    Total Ingredient Count: 8

    Pulled Pork Quesadillas

    Total Cook Time: 15 minutes

    Total Ingredient Count: 5

    Here are some more recipes that are budget-friendly and time-saving!

    Letter to Residents RE: Coronavirus

    March 20, 2020

    Dear Voice Resident,

    We are writing to inform you of important updates in light of current events. For the health and safety of our residents, leaders and staff, Voice is suspending operations in the office until further notice. We will still share information regarding Voice programs, opportunities or resources of interest to residents.  Expect us to contact you thru our automatic calling system, newsletters, website, and social media. If you do not already receive these alerts and would like to, please click here or call our office 773-769-2442.

    Our Resident Opportunity Services program team will provide support during this health crisis by phone and remotely to provide information and referrals on

    • Ways to obtain food, groceries, and other necessary household supplies.
    • How to apply for emergency unemployment or other financial assistance.
    • Information on current debt and bill relief programs and policies.
    • Assistance in accessing essential physical and mental health services.
    • And, how to sign-up to receive regular check-ins throughout this time of need.

    For questions, please call or leave a message at our office or with the Resident Services Coordinator at 847-920-2442. We will get back to you as soon as possible. For property management, maintenance and rent questions, please call and follow the guidelines set by your property manager.

    For additional health recommendations and updates, visit these sites: or

    Colleen Heitlage, MSW
    Voice Resident Services Coordinator