Portfolio of Properties

PORTFOLIO SUMMARY – 14 buildings / 214 units



Voice Preservation Project 22 units  
4409-11 N. Racine (8 units)    
4861-63 N. Kenmore (6 units)    
4927-29 N. Kenmore (8 units)    


General Partner – Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc. (POAH)

Property Manager – POAH Communities

Resident Services Provider – Voice of the People

Clifton Magnolia Apartments

4416-26 N. Clifton (35 units)

4416-22 N. Magnolia (24 units)

59 units  
Hazel/Winthrop Apartments

912 W. Montrose Avenue (6 units)

4426 N. Magnolia Avenue (6 units)

4813 N. Winthrop Avenue (6 units)

852-54 W. Sunnyside/4509-11 N. Hazel (12 units)

30 units  
Sunnyside Kenmore Apartments

4130 N. Kenmore (14 units)

847-49 W. Sunnyside (12 units)

26 units  
Uptown Preservation Apartments

4431-41 N. Clifton Avenue (18 units)

900-02 W. Windsor/4534-40 N. Hazel (18 units)

927 W. Wilson Avenue (41 units)

77 units  

Development Milestones

2022-25  Voice and its national partner, POAH, has initiated pre-development work for refinancing and modernization to two partnership projects: Uptown Preservation and Sunnyside Kenmore, to comprise a 5-building development called the Heart of UPtown Apartments (HUPA). It will provide 103 new leased homes to existing Voice tenants with renovation beginning in 2024. Read More about it at vophousing.com/HUPA.

2019-20  Voice has restructured programs, financed improvements and completed energy upgrades on three properties (the Voice Preservation Project) with support of the Community Investment Corporation (CIC). The organization has strategically planned transition of partnership properties control from historical partner, Chicago Community Development Corporation (CCDC), to new partner of national prominence, Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc. (POAH).

2012 Voice closed on the most recent partnership development project, Hazel Winthrop Apartments-a scattered site with three 6-flats and a 12 unit corner building totaling 30 units of spacious Section 8 housing. Chicago Community Development Corporation (CCDC), headed by Tony Fusco, had been Voice of the People’s lead partner on this development and others completed since 2007.

2010 Voice closed on our third preservation project, Clifton Magnolia Apartments which includes two vintage courtyard bulidings with 59 units of family housing featuring ‘green’ solutions with solar water heaters, energy efficient replacement windows, appliances, new roofs, and boiler systems.

2008 Sunnyside Kenmore Apartments (SKA) a 26-unit two corridor building received a significant facelift.

2007 Uptown Preservation Apts (UPA) a 77-unit, originally comprised of three troubled properties with expired tax credits and part of a disposition program of the extinct syndicator Chicago Equity Fund and received a complete rehab.

1993 Voice developed and constructed 28 town homes for low- and moderate-income families to purchase. This new community became known as International Homes.

1992 Lakeview Towers Preservation Corporation (LTPC), a not-for-profit entity formed by Voice of the People, became the owners of Lakeview Towers at 4550 N. Clarendon Avenue. LTPC purchased Lakeview Towers to ensure that the properties 500 units would remain affordable for current and future tenants.

Mother & Child at Lakeview Towers, 4550 N Clarendon
(Photographer: Thom Clark; Illustrator: Christopher Rohrbeck)