READ MORE about Voice’s effort to expand supportive services for elderly, disabled and vulnerable tenants, and, it’s Covid-19 Response Plan.

Property & Asset Management (PAM)

Voice provides property management, asset management and/or community partner liaison services for residents of Voice-owned properties and developments owned in partnership with others (total of 14 buildings with 214 units of decent, affordable housing). PAM staff collaborate with resident services to ensure safe and quality housing for residents. 

Resident Opportunity Services (ROS)

Voice connects individual residents and family members with social, cultural, educational, recreational and economic opportunities. Residents work with ROS staff to complete a family assessment which is used to identify and work towards individual goals. Additionally, staying true to it’s community organizing roots, Voice’s Legacy Services focuses on leadership development, community engagement, and other empowerment activities.  READ MORE.

Collaboration, Advocacy & Preservation Services (CAP)

Proactive and continuous efforts will be needed in these three areas in order to achieve and maintain a sustainable, mixed-income and diverse Uptown. Through CAP, Voice strives to promote affordable housing opportunities and enhance services benefiting residents of affordable housing. Success requires collaboration, innovation in public policy, and support of new owner assistance programming.