Our Team

Board of Directors

Eric Butler
President, Community/Pro Rep
Tamara Clark
VP, Fundraising Chair
Angelo Perez
Tenant Rep

Alan Goldberg

Treasurer, Community/Professional Rep

Maudie “Marlene” Barton
Tenant Representative

Zenaida Cheveres
Tenant Representative

Paul Siegel, PhD
Community/Professional Rep

Lee Byrd
Tenant Representative

Jade Moore
Tenant Representative

Maurice Hamp
Community/Professional Rep

Jack Hart
Community/Professional Rep



Michael Rohrbeck
Executive Director
 Pedro Morales Jr
Finance & Compliance Manager
Anna Miller, MSW
Resident Services Manager
Charles F. Jordan II
Resident Support Coach
Anne Marquez
Director of Development
Shirley Watson
Executive & Planning Assistant
Anna Warshay
UIC Resident Services Intern
Quinn Pennington
UofC Communications & Policy Intern

Advisors & Professional Support

Pastor Michael Allen
Together Chicago
(community relations/interventions)
Dorian Bezanis
Alpha Adjusting
(property & risk management)
Helen Shiller (retired)
Alderman 46th Ward
(governance, community planning)
Thom Clark (retired)
Community Media Workshop
(media/image management)
Andrew Geer
Owner Assistance Consultant
(SROs, subsidies and finance)
Kevin Smith
(insurance/benefits planning)
Rose Dubin
Owner Assistance Consultant
(property mgt./subsidy compliance)
Jeff Leslie
UofC Tierney Housing Initiative Clinic
(public policy, program legal)
Jack Kaplan (retired)
United Way Of Metropolitan Chicago
(program, legal services)
William Miceli, Esq.
Miner, Barnhill & Galland
(finance, partnerships legal)
Katy Osborn
The Curmudgeon Group
(marketing & branding)
Larry Pusateri (retired)
Lightengale Group
(affordable housing finance)
Jane Ramsey, MSW
Just Ventures & University of Chicago
(strategic planning, fundraising)
Chris Robinson
Design Consultant
(colors, interior design)
Christopher Rohrbeck
Director & Filmmaker
(videographer/graphic design)