Our Team

Board of Directors

Eric Butler
President, Community/Pro Rep
Tamara Clark
VP, Fundraising Chair
Angelo Perez
Tenant Rep

Alan Goldberg

Treasurer, Community/Professional Rep

Maudie “Marlene” Barton
Tenant Representative

Zenaida Cheveres
Tenant Representative

Paul Siegel, PhD
Community/Professional Rep

Lee Byrd
Tenant Representative

Jade Moore
Tenant Representative

Maurice Hamp
Community/Professional Rep

Jack Hart
Community/Professional Rep



Michael Rohrbeck
Executive Director
 Pedro Morales Jr
Finance & Compliance Manager
Anna Miller, MSW
Resident Services Manager
Charles F. Jordan II
Resident Support Coach
Anne Marquez
Director of Development
Shirley Watson
Administrative Assistant
Anna Warshay
UIC Resident Services Intern
Quinn Pennington
UofC Communications & Policy Intern

Advisors & Professional Support

Pastor Michael Allen
Together Chicago
(community relations/interventions)
Dorian Bezanis
Alpha Adjusting
(property & risk management)
Helen Shiller (retired)
Alderman 46th Ward
(governance, community planning)
Thom Clark (retired)
Community Media Workshop
(media/image management)
Andrew Geer
Owner Assistance Consultant
(SROs, subsidies and finance)
Kevin Smith
(insurance/benefits planning)
Rose Dubin
Owner Assistance Consultant
(property mgt./subsidy compliance)
Jeff Leslie
UofC Tierney Housing Initiative Clinic
(public policy, program legal)
Jack Kaplan (retired)
United Way Of Metropolitan Chicago
(program, legal services)
William Miceli, Esq.
Miner, Barnhill & Galland
(finance, partnerships legal)
Katy Osborn
The Curmudgeon Group
(marketing & branding)
Larry Pusateri (retired)
Lightengale Group
(affordable housing finance)
Jane Ramsey, MSW
Just Ventures & University of Chicago
(strategic planning, fundraising)
Chris Robinson
Design Consultant
(colors, interior design)
Christopher Rohrbeck
Director & Filmmaker
(videographer/graphic design)