Below is a list of Voice of the People’s upcoming events:

Sweet Home Uptown 2025 (TBD)

Each year, Voice of the People commemorates the year by celebrating its history, progress and detailing our “leap forward” at its annual “Sweet Home Uptown”, which includes music, food and fun.

This blues-themed fundraiser includes a “Taste of Uptown” dining, which highlights foods from various neighborhood restaurants in Uptown. Voice also uses this opportunity to recognize the “Legacy Leaders and Community Development” heroes – those individuals both past and present who have been instrumental in not only the push for affordable housing, but the preservation of it as well. 

This year Voice honored Alderwoman Angela Clay, an affordable housing role model, Peter Levavi, an all-star developer and innovator in public and affordable housing, and Ed Jacob, Voice staff alum — service and community development maven. The event was attended by nearly 200 supporters and affordable housing tenants, which consisted of various Alderpersons and community leaders.

The entertainment for Sweet Home Uptown 2024 was a collection of well-renowned Chicago musicians aptly named, Sweet Home Uptown Allstars, who turned out some great music.

Juneteenth Jubilee & Resource Fair (being celebrated Saturday, June 15, 2024 at 11:30 am)

The first Juneteenth Jubilee took place in 2021 as a front yard party at Voice’s Family Activity Center. The event was a show of force by tenants and owners unifying around a commitment to safety, with a handful of organizing and youth groups, and began efforts to raise awareness about Black Liberation and Black History in Uptown. The Juneteenth event was moved to a large patio space on Wilson Avenue at Truman College, attracting over 200 Voice residents, neighbors and community residents at large. Organizations sharing resources expanded to seventeen, including mental and physical health organizations, chamber and social service groups and more. Live entertainment, deejayed House Music, great food and games highlighted the event marked by visits from state legislators and our very own first Black Alderwoman in the 46th Ward, Angela Clay, a born and raised Voice tenant.

In 2024, Voice looks to expand its reach further, with more significant marketing, and establishment of “culture café” where residents, particularly Black Uptown residents, can learn how to trace their roots and learn about their own histories and heritage. Voice is seeking a substantial sponsor who can help make this a huge success that people look forward to each year.

Please join us this year at Harry S. Truman College, 1145 West Wilson Avenue at 11:30 am – 2:30 pm for a afternoon of free food, drinks, music, games and prizes!!!

International Homes 30th Anniversary (August 2024 TBA)

In 1994, Voice finished the development of 28 townhomes on Kenmore and Leland Avenues in Uptown. It was a collaborative effort with multiple non-profit sponsors representing racial and ethnic communities on the Northside. Ownership was assured to first time homebuyers as part of the broader “New Homes for Chicago” program, which wrote down purchase price of the properties, and facilitated favorable down payments and mortgage servicing. The International Homes homeowner association reflected the diversity of Uptown, then and now. Most of the original owners and family members are still living there. The homeowners have survived many challenges and deserve recognition and support. Voice leaders and staff anticipate joining the homeowner association in celebrating their achievements with family and friends. The City of Chicago is seeking to build on that prior experience, even today, with permanently affordable residency in coops and community land trusts.

Back to School Bash & Block Party (August 2024 TBA)

In the last two years, Voice in collaboration with the Graceland-Wilson Neighbors Association, has sponsored the Back-to-School Bash & Block Party at the outdoor park on “Sunnyside Mall”. School supplies are provided to families in need in the broader community and a unifying social event happens especially for residents of the Sheridan Park Neighborhood of Uptown. Voice markets events to participation by families of low income, living in its affordable housing (100 households in five buildings within three blocks of the venue) and to other local groups, most notably Holsten Real Estate and Mercy Housing. The block club reaches out to renters and owners to attend, and with Voice volunteers, makes food, music and social interaction possible and productive. Resource tables are provided for organizations and businesses serving youth and families. (See 2023 E-News on event.)

Financial Empowerment Sessions (Dates Fall-Spring 2024-25)

The Housing and Finance Training for Affordable Housing Tenants is a workshop focused on educating affordable housing tenants about traditional banking, the advantages of budgeting, using property management online software to pay rent, request maintenance support, run reports, pay utilities, and learn about community economic and service resources.

The Future Family Planning Workshop focuses on long-term financial education and planning, for families of all ages, helping them to prepare leaseholder “Emergency Contacts” to be available and helpful when tenants have a physical, financial, health emergency or issues that require follow-up support. Life planning would also include document prep with staff support prior to the event, and volunteer assistance provided by teams of pro bono attorneys and Financial Empowerment Network institutional volunteers. In one, assisting residents to learn about and execute wills, health care and financial powers of attorney, which are necessary to ready every household for the temporary problem, or the long-term issues so that people can live long and prosper as residents of affordable housing.