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supportive services for elderly, disabled and vulnerable

tenants, and, it’s Covid-19 Response Plan.

Property & Asset Management Program

Voice of the People provides property management, asset management and/or community partner liaison services for residents of Voice-owned properties and developments owned in partnership with others (total of 14 buildings with 214 units of decent, affordable housing).

Resident Opportunity Services

Through regularly scheduled meetings and communications with residents of Voice owned and partnership properties, program staff enable a baseline of problem solving services and organizing assistance to address maintenance, safety and information sharing important to the quality of life in each building, block and vicinity. Our vision is that over time Voice of the People will enable access to enhanced social, cultural, education and economic opportunities to eligible residents of leased homes.  Services will be delivered via collaborative exchanges with excellent agencies and institutions of the greater Uptown community.

Collaboration, Advocacy & Preservation Services

To achieve and maintain a sustainable, mixed-income and diverse community in Uptown during the next fifty years, proactive and continuous efforts will be needed to enhance the staffing and collaboratively-engaged capacity of our organization to connect residents and owners to opportunities they need and desire.