Started in 2021, Senior Support Services is a part of Voice’s Resident Opportunity Services program designated to support households with residents 55 or older. As one of the ten resident identified priority areas, this program expansion was made possible the last two years by grant support from the RRF Foundation for aging.

This funding increased the program’s capacity allowing for staff to provide senior specific services to a quarter of Voice residents. Voice households often live on a fixed, low income. Research shows that people with lower-incomes are more likely to be “stuck in place” due to limited financial research, which disproportionately impacts older adults of color.

While “aging in place” is found to have a positive impact on older adults’ well-being and often preferred, when someone is “stuck in place” because they lack necessary resources to change their living situation, it can negatively impact health outcomes.

Voice’s Senior Support Services ensures older residents are connected with the necessary resources to enable them to live safely in the community and improve their overall quality of life through activities that include:

  • On-going support utilizing Family Centered Coaching,
  • Older Adult Wellness and Quality of Life Assessments,
  • Tailored service planning and goal setting,
  • Peer support and social activities, and
  • Intergenerational programming and events.