Trust Ally Endorsement

The Dovie Thurman Affordable Housing Trust

We the _______organization name_________________________ believe in the mission and vision of the Dovie Thurman Affordable Housing Trust, including that:

✔️ All communities change over time, regardless of their assets, needs and who their community residents are;

✔️ Diversity is desirable for all communities, but affordable housing is essential for them to be equitable and inclusive for people of all incomes, races and needs;

✔️ Affordable housing is the cornerstone of diversity over time, but long term community planning, development planning and resource allocation planning are all necessary for affordable housing to be socially and economically sustainable;

✔️ Owners and sponsors of affordable housing need asset management support, so they can maintain cash flows, quality conditions and refinance or upgrade properties without irresistible temptations of market sales that fuel displacement and gentrification;

✔️ Non-profit ownership, partnerships and collaborations that have resident representation in ownership and service delivery, should be encouraged and prioritized for affordable housing;

✔️ Owners or collaborative service providers of affordable housing need adequately funded resident support services so that low-income residents, whose housing stability is perpetually at risk, have access to emergency social and economic services, as well as job, recreational, educational, social and cultural opportunities to achieve their individual and family goals, and to engage positively in community and civic life; and,

✔️ To realize a vision of sustainable diversity in Chicago communities, and to support affordable housing as the most valued resource in such communities, we believe that permanently affordable housing owners and residents deserve priority consideration for tax and debt relief, technical assistance in compliance and property management services, subsidies and funding support.