46th Ward Statement


Voice of the People in Uptown, Inc

Updated April 5th, 2023

Since 1968, Voice of the People in Uptown’s mission has been to enable quality, affordable housing opportunities for low-income people in Uptown and to empower residents through participation in advocacy, real estate development, property management and collaborative services. Angela Clay, former tenant, history-making candidate and elected alderperson in the 46th Ward, served for four years with distinction on Voice’s board and as President beginning in December 2012. (Read more about her and other resident leaders on our Black History pages.)

Like virtually all owners of properties providing housing for many tenants, Voice with its partners and property managers, has experienced serious challenges in the management and preservation of affordable housing. They were often difficult and sometimes complicated to address. However, Voice persevered with our residents’ welfare as our highest priority and now seeks to catalyze owner and resident services to assure the continued viability of affordable housing on Chicago’s north lakefront. Read More.

We are proud that affordable housing developed by Voice and others is now the cornerstone of economic and racial diversity in Uptown.  Voice plans continued work in collaboration with civic and community groups, social and economic service agencies, police and government authorities, affordable housing owners and elected officials – so that together we can assure sustainable diversity into the future.

Voice of the People in Uptown is a community-based and tenant-led organization. It is a charity exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It’s prohibited by the Internal Revenue Service from being involved in partisan campaign activities. Voice of the People in Uptown is currently in good standing with the Secretary of State of Illinois, and all other government filings are current.

4861 N. Kenmore Avenue, home to six low income families and home to Voice of the People offices for more than 20 years.

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