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Voice of the People in Uptown

Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2019 and 2020

General Operating Support Donation — $1-25,000 provides crucial staff and program transition support for this fiscal year and application of funding to area of greatest need.

Sponsor Green Mill Event for Tenants – The Green Mill Lounge in Uptown is a historic venue with great jazz. As a community building event, we hope to subsidize the cover charge and costs for residents and special guests to socialize, including former staff and tenants. This would be more friendraiser than fundraiser. With a modest budget for promotion during holiday season or new year, such an event could be fun and strengthen our capacity for organizing in 2019. ($1750).

Friends of Voice — A $5-25,000 deposit-donation would collateralize internal revolving loan fund with credit union to address pressing building needs, or, for organization to bridge expenses in advance of committed or anticipated revenues. Gifts could optionally be made as a recoverable donation. The FOV Fund could ultimately become an endowment with adequate support.

Resident Services Program– Up to $25,000 of funding is required for this program’s support, and would make possible on-going meetings with residents and tenant leadership on property management issues, problem-solving on blocks and community, communications with residents via flyers, e-mail, automated phone messaging and Facebook. Group Support Services for Seniors or Teen Parents/Families could be program add-ons at $3,000 each.

Collaboration, Advocacy & Preservation Program – This program includes outreach to agencies who can collaborate with Voice; organizing and support of a Community Advisory Committee; and, engagement of leadership and tenants in community issues. It also includes “Re-financing Project” management costs related to upgrading Voice-owned residential buildings in Fy 2019, as well as preservation advocacy activities in Fy 2020.

Strategic Planning Roundtable Funding – Voice will convene experts and leaders in planning for Resident Opportunity Services Program, particularly for Needs, Interests, Skills Assessment and Service Methodology ($5000). Development of Life Coach Service Data Base Development is an important additional component of this ($8,000+ software costs/ subscription services), including what we hope will be volunteer service and referral tracking technology. Planning for Housing Owner Support Services is anticipated in Fy 2020 ($8,000).

Website/Social Media/Branding & Marketing – Overhaul is planned for logos, color palette and designs, website, social media and literature ($20,000).

New Offices and Image – A contribution to pay rent for 6 or 12 months, plus related moving costs, utilities, decorating, painting and prep, will help Voice move on up — to Uptown,… from our humble and historic apartment office ($13-26,000).

New Apartment Turnaround – A donation of $8,000 would enable the turnaround and re-rental of one apartment in the name of the donor, where units convey Voice’s new image — to ourselves and to the community at large, including new color choices, appliances, energy efficiency and flooring. A gift of $10,000 could cover the cost of conversion of administrative office to residential apartment.

Relocation Assistance – As Voice improves properties, some tenants will have to, or at their request, move from one location to another – a modest gift can help make it happen for a large family without economic hardship ($1,000 each)

Welcome Wagon – A $250 donation would provide a low-income tenant an orientation to neighbors, building rules and community resources, as well as an array of cleaning and home maintenance supplies – from white vinegar to toilet plungers, shower curtains to floor protectors.

Homelessness Prevention Donation – A $2500 gift per tenant-household would cover the cost for one or two months transition for unexpected life event that threatens their ability to pay for or stay in their housing. Only for tenants in good standing with a manageable short term need would be eligible. This kind of restricted donation could help someone transition from illness or family funeral, change in job status or dislocation, divorce or short term traumatic circumstances. (This kind of support is often underfunded and oversubscribed with local social service providers.)

50th Anniversary Event Sponsorship – $1-25,000 will be requested of small and large donors for this historic and significant fundraising event anticipated for the second half of 2019.