Couldn’t make it to Sweet Home Uptown?
Please still consider donating.

Our celebration of history and virtual fundraiser was a great success, with 22 corporate and organizational sponsors, 34 hosts, 3 honorees, 211 in attendance, and 3000 + views on youtube. See the Show!

But your donations are more valuable now than ever. We are at a critical juncture for the future where affordable housing and quality of life are at-risk — with Covid-19, problematic access to social and economic services, and increasing housing maintenance and financing costs threatening the preservation of affordable housing for 800+ Voice residents and thousands in the Uptown Community.

Your donation to Sweet Home Uptown in these uncertain times will make possible increased resident services for more than 200 families, foster new partnerships for preservation and rehabilitation of housing, enable collaborations to better connect tenants and owners to opportunities, and sustain economic diversity in Uptown into the future.

Donations can be made on our web page.

Thank you for your support.