The Dovie Thurman

Affordable Housing Trust

Achieving Sustainable Diversity in Chicago Communities

After 18 months of research, advisory input, strategic planning, and discussions with prospective allies and collaborators, Voice of the People in Uptown, Inc. is announcing the formation of a community land trust — the Dovie Thurman Affordable Housing Trust, where residents and owners unite for sustainable diversity.

Established by Voice of the People in Uptown in January 2023, it will include three Voice-owned properties anticipated to seed the initiative.  The Dovie Thurman Affordable Housing Trust will be structured for growth and inclusion of resident leadership, supportive professionals and other affordable housing owners going forward. Benefits planned during the two-year start-up phase of the affordable housing trust would include networking and services that help to assure quality resident services, as well as owner economic advantages such as: favorable property tax treatment, prioritized access to subsidies and funding support; and technical assistance for property and asset management services.

Founders of the affordable housing trust envision sustainably just, healthy, mulit-racial and economically diverse communities in Chicago; where affordable housing is available to low-income families, but also people of all ages and needs; and, where residents and owners of all types of housing can access the services and supports required to assure lasting housing stability and viability.

The mission of the Dovie Thurman Affordable Housing Trust is to enable permanently affordable housing opportunities for residents by administering uses of land, homes, properties, and, by connecting low-income tenants, residents of shared equity housing, and affordable housing owners to services, economic opportunities, and capacity building benefits. If you believe in a vision of sustainably diverse Chicago communities and want to learn about, or to endorse, the governing principles of the Dovie Thurman Affordable Housing Trust, visit our web page for Trust Allies and Supporters.

Research and legal assistance for strategic planning and start-up of the affordable housing trust has been provided by the University of Chicago, Department of Law, Housing Initiatives Transactional Clinic.


Dynamic Women of Voice, including Dovie Thurman (Bottom Right)

Voice of the People in Uptown, Inc. is a community controlled, tenant-led affordable housing non-profit of more than 50 years.  Voice was born from a struggle to prevent displacement of low-income and minority people from Uptown and to create housing opportunities through organizing, property management, community development and collaborative services. Dovie Thurman, the namesake of the new trust, was a “Founding Mother” of Voice, a black woman who leveraged her opportunity for affordable housing, to become a welfare and civil rights activist, and a community and religious leader of legendary proportions.  Her impact on Voice and the broader community cannot be forgotten.