2021 Honorees

Tom Lenz
Mover & Shaker

Tom Lenz was Voice’s Executive Director from 1980 to 1988, leading a dynamic team, building stron alliances with the Harold Washington administration, forging new affordable housing partneships and engaging tenant leadership in innovative ways.

He’s had an impactful career of making things happen, including at Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), in support of affordable housing and disability rights in Lake County, and in consulting for change with prominent non-profits, governments, and institutions, including the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Calvin Holmes
History Make

Calvin L. Holmes, president of the Chicago Community Loan Fund (CCLF) has been changing the trajectory of Chicago’s affordable housing market for three decades.

Through conventional, unconventional, and often experimental means, Calvin has tested and stretched the boundaries of community and economic development strategies, taking risks that others in the lending and public sector would not, and building an experiential base that can inform community and economic development innovation policies and programming into the future.

Maudie “Marlene” Barton
Legacy Leader

Marlene Barton is an activist in affordable housing, social justice and movement issues for decades in the Uptown community, with years of service on Voice of the People’s Board of Directors.

At 82 years young, her commitment, hard work, and practical, problem-solving approaches are an inspiration and example to other residents. Rarely in high profile roles, Marlene has always been in the room, at organizations and with campaigns dating back to the origins of Voice of the People.