Introducing New Staff

We are thrilled to welcome to the Voice team LeTasha Francellno-Glenn as our new Property Manager.   With a modest-sized portfolio of properties to manage, we were recruiting someone who brought a breadth of experience to a part-time position. As it turns out, “Tasha” has fourteen years of experience managing affordable housing developments from coast-to-coast and right here in Chicago. She is familiar with managing market rate apartments, rentals for Housing Choice Voucher holders, project-based units, and subsidized apartments of Chicago’s very own Low-Income Housing Trust Fund. Voice has afforded her the chance to advance her education while delivering services that help residents enjoy a better quality of life.

Kelley Cormack joins Voice of the People as Administrative Assistant, and like Tasha, brings an abundance of qualifications and a passion to provide service in support of the organization’s mission. She has a depth of experience in electronics and internet sales, advertising and the arts, telecommunications and special events management. Kelley is a seasoned staffer and consultant in business development, software management and e-commerce. Kelley will enjoy the walk to work and part-time employment at Voice, while also consulting and engaging in events. She will have no lack of work helping Voice in an administrative and systems development capacity.