Public Townhall with DHS: Human Need, Not Corporate Greed

Join the Labor-Community Alliance for Community Services at a

Public Townhall Meeting

 with Secretary Hou of the

Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS)

June 20, 6:30-8pm, at Truman College, 1145 W. Wilson


The Town Hall will feature testimony – lived experience – from people that depend on Department of Human Services (DHS)

(Medicaid, disability home services, SNAP, etc.) and front-line public employees that administer services.

Tens of thousands of eligible persons have wrongfully lost benefits.  This forum will highlight the

reality  of how things work and the prime causes of the crisis.


People are demanding the

Reopening of local north lakefront DHS office

Restaffing agency necessary to meet service needs of the public

Fixing of computer system that has caused backlogs and cancellations of service

Removing barriers to service that are unfair to low income and low-wage persons

Enabling public oversight and accountability to assure quality assistance to residents of

nursing facilities, recipients of Supplemental SSI, and other vital services.