Call for Community Advisors


In this the 50th year of Voice of the People in Uptown, our  organization is strategically planning for another fifty years. We are inviting neighbors and representatives to provide positive input and guidance.

Voice is a non-profit corporation controlled by its low-income and working class residents, as well as supportive community people, professionals and peers that comprise its advisors and board.  It has been a long-time developer and provider of affordable leased and ownership housing, and facilitated the creation and preservation of housing throughout Uptown with other organizations.

Be Heard.

Voice of the People is listening. 

The Community Advisory Committee will seek to raise awareness about Voice of the People, while enlisting guidance about current and planned efforts in property management, resident services and collaborations with area service providers.  In this process, the organization is reaching out to property owners and business who want to extend housing and economic opportunities to residents of a diverse, mixed income Uptown.

Follow us on Facebook.  Call or Contact Voice regarding your interest or to recommend others who may wish to participate.



Introducing New Staff

We are thrilled to welcome to the Voice team LeTasha Francellno-Glenn as our new Property Manager.   With a modest-sized portfolio of properties to manage, we were recruiting someone who brought a breadth of experience to a part-time position. As it turns out, “Tasha” has fourteen years of experience managing affordable housing developments from coast-to-coast and right here in Chicago. She is familiar with managing market rate apartments, rentals for Housing Choice Voucher holders, project-based units, and subsidized apartments of Chicago’s very own Low-Income Housing Trust Fund. Voice has afforded her the chance to advance her education while delivering services that help residents enjoy a better quality of life.

Kelley Cormack joins Voice of the People as Administrative Assistant, and like Tasha, brings an abundance of qualifications and a passion to provide service in support of the organization’s mission. She has a depth of experience in electronics and internet sales, advertising and the arts, telecommunications and special events management. Kelley is a seasoned staffer and consultant in business development, software management and e-commerce. Kelley will enjoy the walk to work and part-time employment at Voice, while also consulting and engaging in events. She will have no lack of work helping Voice in an administrative and systems development capacity.